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At a Glance
We're searching for an engineer with agency or consulting experience to help our clients build out custom applications that leverage Chirpify's API (think microsites, CRM integrations, one-off scripts for custom data delivery). This
would be best for a full stack engineer with excellent management and estimation skills. This position will require agility within multiple codebases and the ability to work independently from the rest of our engineering team.
About Chirpify
Chirpify activates hashtags for instant marketing and commerce conversion. We call these activated hashtags actiontags. They allow consumers to participate and purchase instantly by posting a hashtag to social media. As such, we have some creative and challenging problems to solve!
Candidate Qualifications
Working autonomously. You're comfortable working on a project by yourself and making deliverables.
Experience working with web APIs. This means you're good at reading documentation and writing code that can fail gracefully against outages. As an implementation engineer, you'd be consuming and building on both our internal API and external APIs
Communication skills. You'll be working side-by-side with business development to satisfy the client
Estimation skills. You make realistic promises about delivery dates and can scope appropriately
Creative technology solutions for potentially complicated client demands
Understanding of Object Oriented design patterns
Ruby and/or PHP experience. You've worked with Sinatra, Rack, Rubygems, RSpec. You can write good unit tests, you understand the pitfalls of blocking I/O, you like writing taciturn Modules and Mixins. You have some experience with PHP and has familiarity with some of the more popular frameworks
Cloud architecture. You have a general idea of the workflow needed to host, serve and troubleshoot applications in the cloud
You test your code both manually and programatically
Version Control Software. You know git or subversion. You're familiar with the concepts of branching and merging. You write thorough and detailed commit messages
At a glance, our application is 60/30/10 Ruby/PHP/other
Our internal API is RESTful
It is hosted the cloud
Most of us develop on virtual machines, we're git fanatics
Polyglots are good people. Our application is always evolving and we're always interested in folding your experience into the platform
You'll be working with a team of implementation engineers, who have a variety of experience in web startups and agency work. When we don't have client implementations to handle, feel free to lend a hand to the platform team! We have a daily SCRUM and bi-weekly developer huddles. We're always looking for ways to streamline and build confidence in our platform. We're open to exploring using new languages and tools that fit the application.
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