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Do you want to "check someone out" but want something more accurate and more comprehensive than the often unreliable and incomplete Internet background checks?

I can help. My background checks are tailored to your individual needs and involve more than just checking some "instant" online data base that likely contains stale and incomplete information. It involves a real human investigator getting you the information you need. 

Want to know more? Please visit my website for information on the Investigations I offer.

Need a phone number traced? I can help.

Need someone located? I can help.

Need to know what someone is doing? I can help.

My services are for ANYONE with a need to know.

Please contact me via my website:
George Babnick, Private Investigator
Babnick and Associates LLC
Licensed by the State of Oregon PI-ID# 64131

Based in Portland Oregon but capable of conducting comprehensive background checks on anyone anywhere. - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist