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An effective grant proposal reflects your 501(c)(3) preparedness, track record, expertise, & community need. Many terrific organizations seek the same funding opportunities as you do-so it’s important that you stand out and have a well-thought out plan. But, it all begins with a conversation. I want to hear about your programs. What expertise do you have? Why start a nonprofit? What are your program goals? Objectives? Do you have a funding plan when the grant cycle is complete? Is there a need within your community? Who do you want to help? After we talk about the history and programs within your organization, I will begin investigating the best “fits” in the form of private foundations, corporate gifting programs, and government sources. It’s very important to me that you are comfortable with your funding choices and that you build strong relationships with them. Then, the excitement begins! I will construct a compelling case for your organization depicting your strengths, passion, expertise, and awesome programs. It all begins with...a conversation. Thanks! - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist